I'm between the walls....

Roy Watts
18 October 1973
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I'm laid back, even-keeled and reliable, a bit antisocial but friendly. I'm bookish, obstinately obtuse and a bit of an oaf. I start out standoffish but once you know me you'll wish for an off switch. I tend to get silly when I'm comfortable but it takes a bit of effort to get me there. I'm easy to please and amuse and I'm not particularly judgmental either. I'm too honest sometimes. I'm meek and yet belligerent, passive and yet stubborn, yielding and yet stalwart. Aggressiveness doesn't come naturally to me. I'm a bit of a geek but not nearly enough so to be making my living as one. I've been told I'm a nice, sweet and caring guy many times over.

I can be funny but my sense of humor is a bit off-key. Sometimes I'm the only one who gets the joke. People who get me though, we can just look at each other and go into conniptions.

I've travelled a bit and was an expatriate student for most of my school years. I grew up in the Philippines and still consider it the home of my heart.

I like to have fun but who doesn't? I love reading and try to set aside as much time as I can to keep up with my interests. Movies are always a plus, foreign flicks are a favorite genre, classics are as well. Dining out is always in my repertoire, mostly cheap eats, occasionally fine dining. Anything with a bit of spice to it is just dandy in my book. Vietnamese, Indian, Thai, Mediterranean, there are just so many cuisines out there and so many places to sample them... At the moment I cook for a living so I can put together a pretty decent meal when the mood strikes.

Life passes by too quickly when we have no one to share it with.
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